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Max Headroom Esq: Zooming to Trial 

The advent of virtual court makes me wonder how trying a case to a camera–and watching it unfold on a screen–changes the zeitgeist of the trial? In some ways, nothing changes. The rules of procedure and laws of evidence remain unaffected. The parties put on their case, admit their exhibits, examine witnesses, etc. While the mechanics differ, the basic premise of the trial remains. What will change, though, is the physical reality of the event. We are entering the era of disembodiment. Rather than using our bodies and all of our senses, our advocacy will be confined to the visual and aural; we will become Max Headroom instead of Clarence Darrow.

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Steven N.Peskind

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To be successful, a lawyer must have insight into the whole human catastrophe and be able to effectively traverse the legal system. It is the intersection of these two disciplines that fascinate me. I have been a lifelong student of both human nature and the law, and have created this blog to help others following my path.


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